Little Miss Ava

At the start of the school year, I have had the privilege to spend my days with a little gem named Ava. I was looking for a job, this opportunity came up, months later it has been perfect. She is extremely bright, super sweet, beautiful, and just an absolute joy. I am very lucky.

The interesting thing is the parallels between her and my mother. They are born 73 years apart on the same day. As little Miss Ava learns the sounds of a dog, cat and duck my mother is forgetting the specific names of each of them and calls them all animals. Ava is getting more steady on her feet and will soon walk. My mother is getting more unsteady each day. They both depend on me to feed them (by preparing and placing food in front of them). Ava is napping less and less. My mother has started to nap. Leaving my house, my mother is frowning and angry with me, I arrive at Ava’s only to be greeted with a smile. (most days)

Ava couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. She reminds me of whats ahead and the growth potential we all have.  I have other “Ava’s”, my children, my husband, nieces and nephews. Seeing Ava most days and her being so young its even more pronounced how quickly we can learn and how with my Mom how quickly we can regress. Its a strange balance, watching one blossom and another one wilt.


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