I am a Long Island Based Natural Light Photographer. Officially this has been ten business years but my photography goes back to high school when I got my first camera and took photography class. I have had many photography and camera experiences; 110, disc (remember when they were hot!), medium format, film and digital. Every snap I take, I grow more as a photographer and person.

I am not just a Photographer, I am a wife, mom, memory maker, daughter of dementia patient, homework helper, sister, laundry keeper, driver, the list goes on.  It is what many women are!  My blog is not just be about my work, but about life. Life, is not something not meant to sit idle and watch it go by.  It’s something to be a part of, to be active in, to share with others. My new journey as a daughter of a FT Dementia and Alzheimer’s patient has taken me on a whole new path.

As a photographer I capture the beauty in each person. Capturing life.  The sparkle in a grandparents eye, the giggle between siblings, the love of a couple.  Please feel free to visit my website at http://www.4KidsPhotography.com  Contact me, set up a session today.  Lets capture your life, your families life, freeze moments in time of loved ones.

As you read my blog, feel free to  come commiserate, laugh and smile with me.




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