I Made a Mistake

My father’s favorite saying was, “The only time I made a mistake was thinking I made a mistake.” He was not a conceited man, in fact he was quite the opposite. That sayings meaning runs very deeply. Its a lesson I think many can use.

Of course my Dad made mistakes, we all do. He had this uncanny ability to turn a mistake into a positive. At the very least you learned something from your mistake. Maybe now you would do things differently, maybe others would have learned from your mistake. My Dad very rarely sweated the small stuff. For in the small stuff, there is something to learn.

Now I try as hard as I can when I make a mistake to say “that wasn’t a mistake.” (at least to myself). When the cake is cooked wrong, or I buy the incorrect size clothing for a gift, or I have misjudged a person’s character, I know I have learned something.  It wasn’t a mistake, it was a lesson.

Love and miss you Dad!


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