Measurement of Success

In life success can be measured in so many ways.  For some its achieving a goal, another its money related and yet another they way they feel. I have probably measured success in each of these ways.  Overall one’s feelings of success is usually quite personal.

The one way I have tried to not measure my success is by comparing myself to others. I do not know if this is a growing trend that people are comparing themselves to others, but I have noticed it more and more.  Just because my friend  accomplished something, does not make me less of person. Yet, the over competitiveness that seems to run rampant is disturbing. I believe some of it is a bit of jealously, some of it is bad manners.

From the time my children have been little, I would say “don’t be jealous”.  Be happy for a friend that got the medal in gymnastics, proud of the friend that won the spelling B. Every person will have their own successes in life, not every person is a perfect spellers (no matter how hard they try), not everyone can do a back layout.  This is what makes us all individuals, unique. But souring someone elses successes and accomplishments, you are taking joy from them. How could you ever feel proud and happy of your own successes in life if they are muddled by jealousy and someone elses disappointment.  Every one will have their time to have success, and most many successes.  As a true friend we should be happy for them.