Holiday Photos!

Who is thinking about their Holiday photos in August? Me of course! Late summer early fall is the perfect time to have you holiday portraits done. Why? Because the weather is perfect. Everyone still has a touch of the summer sun left on their skin and there are many choices of outdoor back drops.  So book today and check one thing off your holiday list early!392732_292003447501799_827993011_n


A Snapshot in Time

November 14, 2013

The fall brings such a rush of feelings. Many people measure their children’s growth by how they changed from last year’s first day of school. Its the “backslide” before the end of the year. First day of school, next a new Halloween costume, Thanksgiving then Christmas and Hanukkah time. Smushed in between all that busy time, I get many phone calls of people wanting to get their holiday cards done. I love this time of year. Many of my customers are repeat, so I get the privileged of seeing how their children have grown. Who now has braces, what little brother is now taller than their sister, a whole year brings so much.

I can’t wait each year to take my children’s Christmas card photo. They are all old enough now to know just to give in to their crazy Mom. They wear what I ask, and smile easily, mainly because they know the faster they do, the sooner they are done. I love to hear the jokes between them, the comments of “what will next year be?” (with trepidation in their voices) I can see each year the change in them. Not just the physical change, but the maturation. Its quite a honor to be along for the ride with not just my family, but my clients family too. That one little snapshot in time reveal so much.