Putting Up a Fight

Sometimes, having things to fight for gives you a purpose. Not that people want to spend their days and nights fighting but sometimes you’re just dont have a choice. I have friends and family fighting through various illnesses. Different types of cancers, different diseases. Each day they get up there’s a checklist that they go through to continue the fight. Medicine they take, treatments they receive on a daily, weekly basis, constant reminders that they are not well.
Alzheimer’s doesn’t give you that option. Through each day they’re dealing with it. There’s taking medicine to cope with symptoms. But no hope in a cure. Yes other diseases have that, but other diseases also have hope. Hope that there’s a future, hope for remission, hope that there’s a cure,  hope that they’ll get better. My mother as well as countless others don’t have that hope.
I see my mother fight but in a different way. She fights to find the right words to say, fights to follow what’s going on conversations, fights for her independence. At some point she won’t know to fight. The course of the disease will just continue to go on.  I truly wish we could fight against something tangible, I wish there was hope for my mother to get better. I think that has been one of the hardest things for her family to deal with.  The knowledge that there is no getting better, there is no beating this disease there’s just living with it and dying from it. I’m not quite sure what’s worse knowing you have to live with something until he takes full control of you, or not knowing that you’re fighting against something that will take you. If there was some hope, we may find peace.