Dementia Related Symptoms

Here are some dementia related symptoms:


illness due to stress (such as shingles)

high blood pressure

hair loss

weight gain/loss



These above symptoms/illnesses are not just things the person with dementia experiences, but what the caregiver experiences.  In the past year, I have experienced every single one of them. FTD has not only effected my mothers body, it is effecting mine too.

Fortunately, I caught the shingles early and with proper medication it cleared up quickly. I had the residual pain for over six months, but I could deal with it. The high blood pressure was initially controlled with medication. Within six months I worked on other ways to deal with stress (such as exercising) and I am now medication free. The more active lifestyle has helped with the hair loss and weight gain. Sadness and grief are hard ones to get away from. Most of these feeling stems from missing my mother, the women she used to be.

I believe that the caregiver gets lost and forgotten when dealing with an ill person. It doesn’t really matter what the disease is, the caregiver is the one trying to keep things in line and take care of the ill patient. Often neglecting themselves in the process. I have fallen into this pattern and most do since if there is not consistent reliable help. So as I manage and take care of my Mom’s symptoms, I have to remember myself and take care of me.


One comment

  1. stress – check

    illness due to stress (such as shingles) – check (lots of nausea, dizziness and public transportation fainting – and no am not pregnant, I checked!)

    high blood pressure – actually it’s on the low side…

    hair loss – not yet

    weight gain/loss – check, lost a stone and can feel myself regressing into a long-standing eating disorder…

    sadness – check

    grief – check, though it’s less grief and more despair…

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