Time for a Haircut

My brother told me the other day that my mother was talking about her hair. In the past couple of months, Mom has become fixated on her hair. “You know all the women at the senior center have short hair.” she said to me on several occasions. So I took my Mom for a haircut. It was pretty short. Two weeks later she was asking for a haircut again. So the following week I took her back and she got another haircut. I thought all was good.

Two weeks after that, when she was spending time with my oldest brother she complained about her hair again. “Look at my hair.” she spoke with annoyance as she tugged on one side of her hair.  “This side is longer than the other” she exclaimed. She then pushed the “shorter” side behind her ear to emphasize her point. My brother Joe said, “It looks fine Mom, I don’t think its shorter. “Then she explained to him what has been going on. “Colleen has been sneaking into my room at night and cutting my hair while I’m sleeping.” she told him. “That is why its shorter only on one side” she stated.

When my brother told me the story, I couldn’t help but laugh. Imagining myself creeping into her room with scissors in hand getting ready to cut her hair conjured up an entertaining image. Truth is, this story really plays an important clue into my mothers mental state. She often wakes up angry or very happy. Many times she will tell me about something that has happened, which never really happened. We finally figured she is dreaming or hallucinating these things but truly believes that they happened.

For my Mom’s next haircut, maybe I will give her a mohawk ; )


One comment

  1. My mum-in-law is obsessed with her hair too, and still manages to keep her weekly (!?!) Friday hair appointment. When that starts to be forgotten (and hairdresser has our contact details and is in the know to her condition), I will know we are REALLY in trouble.

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