Family Photo Shoot Attire


Often I get asked what should we wear for our family photo shoot. There are few rules you should follow:

Stick with two to three complimentary colors.  You are all familiar with the beach shot, white shirt, khakis or jeans.  This looks nice because it doesn’t compete with the background. It also looks nice if you choose three colors and mix and match them such as navy, purple and white or green, tan and pink.

Do not wear large patterns. If everyone is wearing a pattern, in the finished photo it will look very busy. Limit the pattern wearing to just one person in the group. Also, some small check and stripes can give a warped appearance in the finished photo.

Not everyone has to be in the same exact outfit.  A variation of the outfit is fine.  One year for the cousins photo they did a zebra print theme. One girl had a zebra dress, another a zebra skirt, one boy had a zebra print tie another had suspenders with a zebra print.  Never too much print on one person, but the theme was carried out.

If you know you have to hold a child or stand next to a certain person, please make sure you coordinate. You don’t want the baby in orange and you in bright red.

Choose a clothing color palette that you like. Remember it needs to look good in your home if you are going to hang the photo up!

Try to dress season neutral. That way you don’t feel that you have a summer photo hanging in the winter. Save the red and green clothing for your Christmas card photo

Layer, layer, layer! Not for warmth, but for texture. A vest, a scarf all add depth to your photo. It also gives you the opportunity for different looks in your photo by taking an item off as the shoot goes on.

When in doubt go classic. Styles that stand the test of time. Anything that is to trendy is going to look out of date hanging on your wall in five years from now.






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