Perfect timing?

September 24, 2013


September has yet again crept up on me way to quickly. Now I have two children in COLLEGE!!! How that can be, I have no idea.  I still see my children as babies toddling through the house trying to navigate steps.  Now they toddle through life and the steps they take are bigger and further away. Sigh. My baby has started middle school and has been so ready and geared up to be there. With my baby girl in High School, emerging out of the shadow of her older brother and sister. Its a new season in our house. Perfect timing for new things, I think.

I have taken a new work related position outside of the home.  It is a great time to take it, and a terrible time too. With my youngest a great age to be able care for himself, I am not worrying about the little things. I can get ready for work, knowing my children are eating breakfast and hopefully putting their dishes in the dishwasher (hey, a mom can dream). My job starts at a time where I drop my two off school on the way to work. And I am home at dismissal time for the youngest. I am off school holidays too! Perfect timing! Or is it?

So just at a time when my younger ones don’t need me as much, my mother needs me more. Her mental state has seemed to deteriorate so quickly that she can not function as well as she did two months ago. We are awaiting test results to get a full confirmation of what is going on with her. While I am at work, I worry as to what she is doing.  Is she putting herself in danger? Is she eating? Is she getting lost on a walk? I come home each days, and all seems ok with her. But it is clear to me, there is rarely perfect timing. Just times, where you make things work as perfectly as you can



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