Times are a changin’

As the song goes Times are a changin’.  Yet another year of many milestones.  Last August I sent my oldest off to college.  This August, I send another child.  While my “baby” heads into middle school and my baby girl becomes a Sophomore in High School. I have spent the past few weeks looking through baby books and thousands upon thousands of photos. Getting them out for various milestones that are happening in my family’s lives. I am so happy that I have kept a visual documentation of the past.  It triggers memories, good, bad and some real funny ones.  I am reminded of moments sitting reading a book to a little one, seeing the first hit in baseball and snuggles with a departed grandparent.  All these visual memories would do me no good if never printed. 

I am reminded while looking through these photos, that times do change.  Good or bad, it all adds to experience. Preparation for my children to conquer a new step in life.  And seeing these photos reminds me that there is a lot of good.  And we can face new challenges.  And we grow. And we survive.  Life is good. So bring it on!Image


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