Moms Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Daisy May 2011


Almost thirteen years ago, a new “child” came into my life.  She was hairy, but adorable and immediately she knew I was her mother.  Daisy was selected at the local Animal Shelter.   A sweet loving dog, who followed me every where I went.  I would not worry if she got out of the yard, because she would never go far from me.

When we first got her home, my husband and I could not believe that someone would give up this dog.  Although she was a bit thin, she obviously had some training (she could sit, stay and give a paw) and was so unbelievably sweet.  Within a couple of weeks, she put on some weight (no doubt since we were such good “parents”) and was fully a member of the family.  Within in month, she was looking quite healthy.  Hmmmm….. my husband and I wondered to ourselves, each afraid to say what we were thinking to the other person.  A trip to the vet confirmed our suspicions, yes we were great parents and yes Daisy was pregnant.  Ahhhh, that is why someone would let this gem of a dog go.

No worries said the Shelter, we will take her back.  Take her back!!!?!?  No!  We love this dog, our kids love this dog, we can’t send her back!  The vet said since she is young and this would be her first litter we could expect 3-4 puppies.  Ok, we can handle this, what a great experience for our children.  Ten puppies later, it was a great experience for our children.  And a lot of work!  Daisy was a great mother to her puppies and after 9 weeks they all found homes.  One is even the family dog to my sister- in-law. After the puppies left, Daisy went back to being my “child” again.  I often said thank goodness she is a big as she is or I would have squished her by now.  Constantly under my feet, excited at the door waiting for me to come home, she was always there.

Many years later, when we moved in with my parents Daisy adjusted very well.  After three years of being here, Daisy became very attached to my father.  It was almost overnight.  She would sit by my father’s feet, lay outside his bedroom door.  It was sweet.  Soon after this started, we found out my father had Leukemia.  We then realized, Daisy knew.  Daisy knew before the doctors, before my father, before anyone.  And she sat by his side through it all.

Fast forward past many memories with Daisy.  Time goes on, we all get old, even Daisy.  Sadly today was Daisy’s time to go.  My heart is sad and I will miss her. We will all miss her.  This Mother’s Day, I will remember that Mom’s come in all shapes, sizes and species.  Love you Daisy, Rest In Peace.


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