How Sweet it is!

In the Unites States, a girls “coming of age” is often celebrated by hosting a Sweet 16 celebration.  I had one (many years ago) and I am in the process of planning one for my older daughter.  

It truly is a special time in a young girls life.  With or without the party, you are marking her movement into young womanhood.  Some say the turning 13, officially being a teenager could do this.  But we all know many girls who are 13 and don’t look or act anything close to a young woman!  A hundred plus years ago, 16 year old girls were preparing for marriage (usually to an older man).  Their job would be to have children, keep the house and do various chores.  Now our 16 year old girls are preparing to graduate highschool, choose a major for college and often live a life on their own before they settle down. 

They are also inundated by things I could not imagine when I was 16.  Social media, news, reality tv have our 16 year olds (and younger), seeing and hearing things I never heard about at that age!!! (some things are still new to me!)  As wonderful as the age can be, as a parent and I believe the teens themselves, it can be a scary time.  Trying to keep them innocent as possible, while still teaching them to be “street smart” is a delicate balance. 

That is why, I believe, if you can celebrate with your daughter (or son), the “sweetness” of being 16 you should do it! Whether it be a quiet lunch, a family party or even the reality tv “Super Sweet 16”, take the time to do it.  Before you know it, that moment has passed (as parents we know how quickly it goes).  Take time to document this special moment in your daughters life.  Take pictures of you spending the day together, scrapbook her first 16 years, remember the time when she tried your favorite lipstick on all of her dolls!

At 4 Kids Photography, we are here to help you document that special time.  Not only do we offer photography services, but using your photographs we can put together a slide show, set to music of her first 16 years.  Please inquire about this service.

Our current Sweet 16 Special includes:

Photographing a 4 hour event

Online viewing gallery of 150-200 photos

$25 print credit

A keepsake disc with 10 photos

All for the low price of $300.00

other options are available, and we can tailor a package to you and your needs


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  1. I would like to hire you this summer to do some family portraits for me. Your work is beautiful

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